What’s in your Car

Do you find that you are carrying a lot more in your car than you used to? It is amazing to me all the things we carry and use daily. That handy 10 foot measuring tape that I used to carry in my purse for “just in case” is now a 100 foot tape necessary to measure the home I am listing. I just love the look on parents faces as I pull out my bag of toys to entertain the children while they are trying to decide if this house is the right one or not, and then the camera and portable photo printer to capture the moment when they fall in love with their soon to be new home.
When I find myself out on land, I break out my compass and maybe even the GPS, and let’s not forget the water and the first aid kit.
There are two different kinds of boots necessary, those for hiking and walking on parcels of land and those that just need to go over your shoes in a house that the owner would rather you take them off.
The moment you know you have everything is when you can pull out your computer and printer and write up the offer in the backseat of your car and with the portable fax machine, you send it off for acceptance.
I used to think I carried a lot with me when my son was small, and I did, but this is a whole new world with gadgets and equipment we use every day and I wouldn’t change a thing, but add whatever is necessary to make this job even more exciting and helpful for myself and my clients.